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Whole School - 2023
Welcome to Willowmavin Primary School

Willowmavin Primary School is in its 136th year. The school is situated six kilometres to the west of Kilmore on the brow of a hill with sweeping views of the McHarg Range.

Its rural outlook sets the scene for the school values encompassing Be your Best, Respect, Resilience, Safe. 

It has serviced generations of families and now caters to an increasing number of families seeking the quality education that a small rural school can offer.

The student population is around 50. The school also acts as a resource centre for community-based groups such as Landcare and Neighbourhood Watch.

Our school believes in developing children’s individual strengths in a friendly, caring environment, emphasising the development of individual potential and community responsibility.


We believe in a comprehensive education where children learn to learn, learn to work co-operatively with others and develop confidence in their own abilities. 

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