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It is the Willowmavin Primary School annual end of year Community Evening and your child is making their way to centre stage to receive their Certificate of Graduation. You smile with pride as you think about the journey your child has been on and the progress they have made in becoming the resilient, respectful and responsible individual that stands before the Willowmavin community today. You are comforted in the knowledge that your child has been best prepared academically, socially and emotionally to tackle future challenges, and is equipped with the skills necessary to thrive as a 21st Century Learner.

At Willowmavin Primary School, this is the vision we have for all of our graduating students. We are committed to supporting students to develop a growth mindset – an understanding that extra effort will lead to higher achievement.

Our Students

Our students are all individuals and we celebrate their diversity and uniqueness. One thing all our students have in common, however, is that they are all members of the Willowmavin Primary School Community. Our students are the centre of what we do at Willowmavin. All decisions are based around one question: “Will this improve outcomes for our students?” We use student surveys and student leadership roles to provide our students with a voice in their school and to ensure we have student-centred classrooms.

Our Staff

Similar to our students, our staff come from different backgrounds and bring a diverse range of skills and talents to our school. Staff travel from near and far to be here and work in collaboration to achieve success for our school. All staff are steadfast in their commitment to make Willowmavin Primary School the best it can be. Just as we wish to develop lifelong learners in our students, we seek to continue to learn to improve our practice. We are determined to work in partnership with our families and community in our continuous pursuit of achieving improved outcomes for the children in our care.

Our Families

Students achieve greater outcomes when schools work together with their families. At Willowmavin Primary School, we seek to not only build close relationships with our families, but also to build the capacity of our families to engage in their child’s learning. We instil a sense of belonging in our families through providing multiple mediums in which our families can contribute to our school. This includes working both in and out of classrooms and through being involved in one of our parent bodies. Our families play a pivotal role in our school and we value their insights. Through surveys, parent groups and forums, and multiple communication avenues, we regularly seek feedback from families on how we are performing in our constant efforts to improve.

Our Community

Geographically, our school is located amongst the farms of Willowmavin. However, our school community is made up of people from well beyond the Willowmavin border. We have built, and will continue to build, a school community that is passionate about our school and has the opportunity to contribute to and develop it. We are working together as a community to create a school that, whilst small in size, is big in stature.

Our Values

At Willowmavin Primary School, we seek to nurture and develop students who are active, respectful and safe members of their community, capable of overcoming setbacks and who consistently strive to do their best.

Be your Best: To always do your best and be the best that you can be. This is especially important when nobody else is watching.


Respect: Thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their wellbeing. Respect also means taking care of yourself, others, our school property and our environment.


Resilience: The ability to accept that things will sometimes be challenging and not go the way you would like, and not letting such situations cause you to give up or become overly upset.

Safe: Always acting and behaving in a manner that ensures we are looking after ourselves and each other so that we feel healthy, safe, comfortable and happy.

Andrew O'Callaghan


Willowmavin Primary School


Principal's Message

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