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Willowmavin Primary School is in its 136th year. The school is situated six kilometres to the west of Kilmore on the brow of a hill with sweeping views of the McHarg Range.


 Its rural outlook sets the scene for the school values encompassing Being your best, Respect, Resilience and Safety.


The Community holds great store by education and the moral purpose of the public system to improve students’ lives through education. Our vision is to inspire lifelong learning by nurturing curiosity, scientific, and mathematical thinking and giving opportunities for expression through literacy and the arts.


The development of the teaching team reflects our commitment to inclusion and to excellence in education. Each teacher is committed to improvement and the analysis of student data and the setting of individual and cohort plans in usual practice. High impact teaching strategies are used to maintain engagement and progress for each student. Our cohort of students are immersed in the school’s positive behaviour expectations, and connectedness to the community and the school is ensured through student voice and leadership programs. Circle time and class meetings ensure student problems are solved so that all students are available to learning.


At Willowmavin we are committed to the Victorian State Government’s Targets and work to have happy, healthy and resilient kids through participation in sports in a network of small schools. Our Chaplain/Wellbeing Officer ensures that students have adequate support through the stages of growth and change that life brings. Our teachers are committed to breaking the link to poverty through ensuring academic achievement for all students.  In our unique geographical context, students are taught to appreciate themselves as part of the environment in which they live and as global citizens, to evaluate their behaviour and contributions in this light.  The school encourages the community to be involved in the school and the school to be involved in the community to ensure these connections and supports for all of our students and families

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