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 Student Wellbeing 

Willowmavin Primary School’s wellbeing program supports all our academic programs and is critical in helping to shape well-rounded, self-assured individuals.

The School’s wellbeing program aims to assist students requiring support for personal, social or academic reasons in a confidential and safe environment.

Through these services we work in partnership with families, teachers, peers and other professionals to provide with the skills and support for them to make informed and responsible decisions about their own wellbeing. The pro-active promotion of responsibility for personal health and wellbeing is the most effective and recourse efficient way to assist young people to make healthy choices and develop healthy lives.

Club Willow

Club Willow gives students an opportunity to develop social relationships in a supported environment.  

Activities include mindfulness colouring, relaxation music, social board games, a sensory table with play dough and kinetic sand and a reading corner with couches and cushions.

Over the past term, students have enjoyed the consistent activities and building relationships in a fun and engaging environment.

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