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Student Voice, Agency and Leadership

Young people who find their own voice in supportive school environments are more likely to develop a confident voice, a capacity to act in the world, and a willingness to lead others (Amplify, Department of Education, 2019). At Willowmavin PS, there are opportunities for students to be involved in making decisions about their learning and school environment. Leadership opportunities exist across all year levels with formal leadership positions for senior students. 


School Captains: Milla and Molly


House Captains

Dumaresq House Captains: Anwyn and Hannah
Hiscock House Captain: Corey and Milla
McNab House Captains: Elias and Riley
Tomlinson House Captains: Alyssa and Jake


Student Leaders

Buddy Leaders: Alyssa and Anwyn 
Maintenance Managers: Elias and Luke
Junior School Council: Aryan, Hannah, Kenzie, Molly and Riley
Assembly Assistants: Jake and Luke 

Milla and Molly

School Captains

Junior School Council

At Willowmavin Primary School, we seek to build a school where student voice is sought after, listened to and acted upon. Our Junior School Council is our student representative body that provides the avenue for students to have a say in the decision making processes of the school.  They are a hardworking and fun group of students that meet weekly during recess time, under the guidance of a teacher.

JSC members have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by seeking feedback, suggestions and ideas from their peers about ways they can continue to improve our school, and ways they can contribute to the wider community. Junior School Councillors collaborate to make decisions based on student voice and report back to the whole school at assembly. 

Events and activities organised by Junior School Council in 2023 include:

  • National Simultaneous Storytime - students read the text 'The Speedy Sloth' to classes and completed activities connected to the text.

  • Simultaneous Storytime Scavenger Hunt - JSC students used the front cover of the text to create a puzzle. Puzzle pieces were hidden in the playground and the whole school set about finding the individual pieces to recreate the front cover.

  • Education Week Obstacle Course - JSC students created, set up, facilitated and packed up an obstacle course as part of this year's 'Make, Move and Motivate' theme for Education Week. 

  • Sports Equipment at playtimes - organising a crate of sports equipment to be used by students at recess and lunch time.

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