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In the Classroom: F/1

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Term 2 Learning Overviews


In Reading this term, students will continue to develop their decoding skills as they build upon their knowledge of letters and sounds. Students will also be focusing on text processing strategies, such as re-reading and self-correcting, as they learn to read texts. Towards the end of the term, we will explore non-fiction texts and the features of these (contents page, heading, diagrams, etc.). Students will continue to be involved in a variety of activities to support their learning, including independent reading, individual teacher conferences, hands on activities and small teacher-focus groups to support their individual goals. 



This term, students will continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of what makes a great writer. As students write, they will learn about spacing between words, capital letters, full stops, letter formation and spelling. As we write recounts, students will focus on including appropriate details and information, such as ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘feeling’. In the second part of the term, students will learn about information reports. They will learn about facts and opinions as they create texts on animals, as well as how diagrams can support their writing.



Students have begun the term consolidating and extending their understanding of numbers, with a focus on counting and place value. Next, students will explore patterns and algebra, where they will learn to copy, continue and create patterns using objects and numbers. We will then explore addition and subtraction, where students will focus on representing and solving basic problems using materials and mental strategies, such as counting on. Finally, students will learn about location, where they will focus on using appropriate vocabulary to give and follow directions.

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