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Education Week- Kilmore Community Excursion

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This year’s theme of ‘Building Connections’ recognised the importance of schools, families and community groups coming together to support learning. Building connections provides a richer and more diverse learning experience for all students.

Our students visited Kilmore, where they met with some of our local CFA volunteers. Students learnt about the CFA and how important their role in our community is, then got to explore the hoses and trucks. 

Students also visited the Kilmore Library throughout the day. Our Grade Foundation-3 students learnt how to use the library including finding and borrowing books of interest to them. They also worked through a Story time session with follow up activities. Our students in grades 4-6 were also taught about the functioning of the library, then had a robotics demonstration and lesson.

Between our experiences, students played at Hudson Park. How lucky we are to live in such an amazing community. All students had a fantastic day! 

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