In the classroom Year 3/4

In Maths we have been learning about angles. There are acute angles which are smaller than 90 degrees and obtuse angles which are bigger than 90 degrees. Reflex angles are bigger than 180 degrees and straight angles are 180 degrees. A full rotation is 360 degrees.

In Writing we have been working on newspaper articles. I have written one about a man stealing from KFC. To write a newspaper article you will need a newspaper name, headline, sub-heading, image, caption and opening paragraph.

In ICT we have been building bridges and tunnels in Minecraft. Before we started building we look at some tunnels being built in Melbourne and some bridges being built around the world. This gave us some inspiration to design our own.

This term in Science we have been learning how plants grow and how fast they grow. We also have been looking at world maps to see where different kinds of plants grow. We then made our own vegetation map of the world.

In RRRR (Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships) we have been learning about resilience and cyber safety. Resilience is when you never give up and can deal with problems. Cyber safety is being safe online having a strong password and making sure you know who you’re talking to online.


By John, Bailey, Charlotte, Jack, and Rhys