Years 3 - 4 Sovereign Hill Camp

On Wednesday the 6th of September the grade 3 and 4 students went to camp at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. After a slow start and a last wave for Mum or Dad the bus head off on our two and half hour trip thanks to some road works and much needed toilet stop.

Arriving at Sovereign Hill the students tried their luck at panning – unfortunately, they did not find enough for myself or Mr Rodwell to retire. We also had a look at a few shops in the main street and went underground on a mine tour. Dinner was a big hit at the New York Bakery where the students got to have a lovely parma.

Day two of camp started with a trip to the Gold Museum to learn about the history of gold in Ballarat. We again tried our hand at panning for gold, our luck didn’t get much better! We went back in time to a school set in the 1850s and played some games of that era.  We then headed to the bowling alley up the hill to get out of the rain. We also went on a different mine tour before dinner and our night show of ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’. Unluckily the rain started again which meant we had to see an altered show but the students still enjoyed it and where well entertained. Night two brought a lot more sleep for the students for which Mr Rodwell and I were very grateful.

On our last day, we did some shopping before having lunch before heading home. I am not sure if anything was left in the lolly shop after the students from Willomwavin had been in there! I am guessing the local dentist might get a few more appointments!

All in the all the camp was a great success with all students having enjoyed themselves.

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